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MPS-U04 transistor

See a pic on our Facebook...

eBay wants $8.95 plus $5.95 shipping

We only want $4.95 and we offer some free coffee.

Seems like a no-brainer, huh.

Repair and Calibration of HP/Agilent 3458 Meters!

We are now equipped to repair and calibrate HP/Agilent 3458 meters. There are over a quarter million of these classic lab instruments in use throughout the world. If yours is having problems, please consider having it repaired locally by us. Standard repair and calibration charges are $995, plus parts.

Got an old UPS?

Recycle it here! Seriously. We'll take it in and dispose of it properly, no cost to you.

Simple as that.

That old CRT monitor...

... it served you well. We'd agree.

That being the case, while we appreciate you thinking of us to donate it to, we can't really do anything with it, because our customers are afflicted with the same thing you are when it comes to monitors... no interest in the CRTs anymore.

We've heard of a nice option for you, though: Take it to Best Buy. After filling out the paperwork, not only will Best Buy take your CRT but they'll give you a $10.00 gift card.

Normally, we're not a big fan of the giant corporations of this nature, but this time around we think that's pretty cool. So please, take your CRTs to Best Buy, and not here (although we appreciate you thinking of us!).


 J.B. Saunders Company provides new and surplus electronic components, cables, connectors, tools, audio/video products and test equipment for industry, research, academia and hobbyists. We stock thousands of items and many more are available by special order. Check our "Products" page for a list of the manufacturers we represent.

J.B. Saunders Company promotes sustainability by providing repair services for many older, but still viable, test and measurement instruments.

J.B. Saunders Comapny promotes recycling by purchasing excess inventories and providing tested and refurbished parts and equipment at a substantial savings.

Our entire inventory is available for purchase at our Boulder, Colorado store, or we will ship your order anywhere in the continental United States.  Shipping outside the U.S. is available subject to applicable U.S. and local laws. You can see our detailed shipping policies by clicking the "Shipping" drop down menu under the "Products" tab. Please call, fax or email us for more details or a quote.

You can contact us via our toll free (inside the continential U.S.) voice line (877) 312-4926, local voice line (303) 442-1212, fax line (303) 442-6592 or email:

Hours and Location

Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

We are at 3095 Sterling Circle, Suite 1, Boulder, CO 80301


Sterling Circle is just one mile east of our old location. From Valmont and Foothills Parkway take Valmont east for approximately one mile and turn left on to Sterling Circle. Sterling Circle is on the north side of Valmont immediately east of the Valmont Dog Park. At the stop sign go west (left) on Sterling Circle to 3095. We are on the left about half way down the west side of the circle.


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Repair Sources
 NameRoleEmailTelephoneTelephone 2
1st Electronics Repair  720 544.7472 
Jim Groh (Captain Audio)Owner 303.604-0024 
John Gunther/Rocky Mountain SIMSSenior Field Service Engineer 970.587.9635FAX 970.587.4734
Jon Parker/Krash ElectronicsOwner 940.442.8189 
Tom Brawley/Boulder Electronic RepairOwner/Technician 303.443.0130 

JB Saunders offers repair services of professional electronic test equipment only. We do not repair consumer electronic devices, such as DVD players, CD players, radios, t.v.'s, home stereo units, small home appliances, car stereos, computers and computer monitors, mp3 players, phones, etc.
If you need anything of that nature repaired, please see below, in our 'Repair Sources' section; and if they can't help you, they may certainly be able to point you in the right direction.

That said, we DO fix the occasional cable; say you've managed to pull the connector off your headphones or something like that...if we have the connector in stock and the technician is 'IN', we can usually knock that out of the park for you, kinda cheap. But we just don't have the manpower or resources to tackle devices of consumer nature.


We've started dealing in refurbished computers, lately. Response has been pretty good, as have our prices. It's on an "as it comes in" basis, and whether our computer geek can breathe life into that old horse.
If you've got an older computer you'd like to let go of, but don't want to pay Ecocycle to dispose of, then feel free to dispose of it in our direction. Although in general, beggars can't be choosers, we do ask that it be at least a P4 or a PowerPC G4 1GHz or better. And we need to reiterate: NO CRT's. We can't do anything with them either, so you might as well take those to Ecocycle and do the right thing. But as for the computer, we'll either gently part it out or refurbish it.




JB Saunders is happy to help you sell that test equipment you no longer use.

It needs to be in good working order and in reasonably good shape; we don't put anything out on the floor that's broken or looks like it was dragged behind a horse.

The minimum price we will sell something for is $50. Our schedule of consignment fees is as follows:

$50-$100.... 50%
$101-$300.... 35%
$300 and up.... 25%

So, if you've got something to sell, send us some pictures and descriptions (as complete as possible) to info@jbsaundersco, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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