How High Tech Mobile Apps Will Improve the Future

The mobile app market has exploded in recent years with hundreds of thousands of applications across various platforms. Although there are a number of mobile app markets, there are only really two that we need to watch for and should expect the future of high-tech applications to come from and those are the Android and Apple app markets. Between the two of them they make up well over 90% of all cell phone users and their application markets are so wide and varied already it would take a Herculean act to be able to make a third party application that could break in on their marketing dominance.

The real question is how will these high-tech applications improve our future? It partly depends on who you are and the kind of applications you choose to use. However, there are certainly some applications which are in the works and others which will be brought to market before too long. Some professional businesses even hire their own mobile app development company to help produce their vision of the future.

So what are some of the apps that may change the future? One is enhances the technological properties of the phone such as its camera and the ability to see infrared or night vision. This can produce better scanning possibilities and can provide a slew of new data available to app makers to work with. Some are even supposing that a spectrometer, a machine that identifies different wavelengths of light and can tell you the properties of the item being scanned, could make their way into certain smartphone models before too long. High-resolution scanning capabilities can potentially help produce life-saving applications as well. If you’re out in the woods and want to know whether that bush you just rubbed up against was poison ivy or not, simply scanning the bush could tell you whether you are safe or whether you need to go get some medical assistance.

Another app which is certain to be making its way to app stores shortly is the night vision app for phones that even contains infrared. These scanning techniques will allow for greater safety when entering dark areas, the ability to find things that you may have dropped from your warm pocket by scanning for heat differentials in the dark, and even allow your phone to be set up as a tiny little sentinel guarding an area without revealing its location. It will then send you information about who may be entering into or out of a room without flipping on the lights.

There’s even a strong possibility that artificial intelligence on a much larger scale will make their way into our pockets. No longer will supercomputers be relegated to giant warehouses at space command centres but rather they will find their ways into our phones, and through the marriage of social media, the application markets, and truly artificially intelligent assistance, the most likely future for mobile apps is something that we cannot even yet imagine. As phones get better, as people continue to grow and innovate new ideas with the new technologies that are emerging, smartphones are sure to be an ever more important companion in the 21st century and beyond.